Allergic Rhinitis

Editor: V. Dimov, M.D., Allergist/Immunologist and Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Information For Patients

How to use a nose spray (video)
How to use a saline sinus rinse (video)
Allergic shiners, Dennie's lines, Allergic salute, Nasal crease, Postnasal drip
Allergy Shots (Immunoterapy)
Allergy Testing
Action plan for rhinitis
Indoor Allergens
Outdoor Allergens
Rhinosinusitis: Saline sinus rinse recipe
Checklist for Sneeze-Free and Wheeze-Free Home

Treatment Options for Allergic Rhinitis (AR) and Non-Allergic Rhinitis (NAR) (click to enlarge the image).

Dust mite avoidance (click to enlarge the image).

What to expect when visiting an allergy clinic

Current allergy skin tests are virtually painless. This video by Dr. Bassett, a board-certified allergist from New York City, shows what to expect when visiting an allergy clinic for diagnosis and treatment:

Information For Doctors

Allergic Rhinitis: Teaching Cases

Allergic Rhinitis and Conjunctivitis
Cough Due to GERD in a Patient with Allergic Rhinitis
Treatment Devices for an Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis Patient with Arthritis and Stroke
Non-Allergic Rhinitis with Significant Nasal Discharge: How to Treat?
A female with asthma and allergic rhinitis who is trying to become pregnant: what medication changes may be needed?
More than a "runny nose" - allergic rhinitis and asthma
Anaphylactic reaction to subcutaneous immunotherapy: what to do?
How to treat rhinitis medicamentosa?
Allergic reaction after consumption of "meat-free chicken” (mycoprotein) by a patient with mold allergy
Almond allergy? No, it’s allergy to cockroach-contaminated chocolate-covered almonds

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Published: 09/15/2007
Updated: 11/23/2012

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